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1: What would you do if I died....

2: What would you do if I kissed your cheek

3: What would you do if I asked you to dance?

4: What would you do if I turned up at your house naked?

5: What would you do if I came to you crying because someone stole my teddy bear?

6: What would you do if I hugged you and wouldn't let go?

7: What would you do if I pantie raded your house?

8: What would you do if you saw me crying in the street?

9: What would you do if you walked in on me in the bath?

10: Are you going to re-post this?
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reality is a state of mind
United States
i may not be totally artistic...but i do have ideas.

questions about me.

How old are you?
~Silly...look at the top of my DA account and you will see.

Where do you live?
~well...I live [insert where i live here]. :)

What do you want to do when you finish all your schooling?
~I wanna be a sign language interpreter:XD: maybe even a massage therapist! ^^

Why do you want to be a sign language interpreter?
~Because my mom is deaf and my brother didn't do anything with his sign I'm going to help the deaf community! (hey...someone's gotta)

What about the Masseuse thing??
~Well...since I have been doing Sign Language since I was a this built up muscle in my fingers. I have been giving massages since i first grade. Well...some how i have a gift to find pressure points to make people relax and I have never been trained in that technique. lol Plus...a lot of people have said I should go to school for it. AND DON'T CALL ME A MASSEUSE!! THAT'S A BAD WORD!!:fork:

What are you doing now that you are out of high school?
~I am attending college at Kaplan College for Massage Theropy.

Alright...different subject. What is your favorite thing to do on DA?
~Base art! =D

What is your favorite emote on DA?
~This one!! :la:

What is your favorite piece of clothing?
~My Naruto Headband!!! =D

Why's that?
~If I told you...I'd have to kill you. jk jk but seriously...only a few people know why I wear it. ^^

How long have you worn it?
~I've worn it since i was a freshmen in high school. It's become my trade mark I guess. People recognize me by the head band.

Favoirte Anime
Soul Eater

What is your favorite Manga?
~Naruto Shippuden! :XD:

Wait...I thought it was called Naruto??
~No! That's Part one...which sucks! Naruto Shippuden is part two...which is a crap loads better.

Why doesn't you favoirte anime and manga match?
~Because I really have been getting into Soul Eater lately...and I am not too fond of the manga yet. So Naruto will continue to be my favorite manga...unless this war continues to bring out Mary Sues...then there may be a problem.

What is your favorite straight couple in Naurto?
~I have recently fell in love with JiraiKushi (Jiraiya and Kushina)

What about Yaoi couple?
KakaIru! =D

How about cross couple?
Spirit Albarn from Soul Eater and Hinata Hyuuga from Naruto!:la:

Wow...kinda creepy...Manga or Anime?
~well depends on the series. Naruto Shippuden...totally manga 100000000000000000000%! well....scanaltions over the crap that viz makes. stuff like Hellsing and Trigun...then the anime. :)

What about TV shows...that are not anime? What is your favoirte?

~Cuz it's funny and Hugh Laurie is drop dead sexy! :horny:

Creepy...he's like...old.
~you know what they say...experience comes with age! =D

Again...creepy. anyways...what is your favoirte movie?
~Shane Acker's 9! And right next to that...Dispicable Me!:meow:

What is your favorite "normal" book with words..and stuff?
~Cirque du Freak!! Well...I've really fallen in love with the manga...but when i actually read the prequel...that made me like and respect Mr.Crepsley more than I did before. lol the prequel isn't a manga that counts as a "normal" book right?

Uh...yeah. Where do you work?
~well...i was working at the library in the town i live in. Just reasently had to quit due to my hetic school schedule raping my work schedule. it was a sad time. so...i am unemployed at the time. :(

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